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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear? 

We always recommend a variety of clothing selections from formal to casual.


Girls: Prom/Homecoming dress, jeans, letterman jacket, sports/spirit attire, of shirts (long or mid-length sleeves usually photograph best and don't forget your accessories for each outfit.
Guys: Suit & Tie, dress shirt with long sleeves, casual wear, letterman jacket, sports attire, jeans, various shirts and don't forget belts, shoes and matching socks.


When in doubt, bring a couple extra outfits so our styling team can match your outfit to the perfect backgrounds. Please make sure clothing is wrinkle free and on hangers.

What props can I bring?

You can bring anything you want as long as there is enough time in your session. Some suggestions could be: musical instrument, sports attire with balls/glove/clubs/racket, or anything that says YOU and represents your Senior Year.

How long does the session take?

A senior session can take anywhere from 10 minutes for the Yearbook Only session to 40 minutes for the Studio Plus session.

How will I view my proofs from my senior session?

Senior proofs will be shown to you at a View-Proof Session that is scheduled upon completion of your senior portrait session, the View-Proof Session is usually 7-14 business days after your photography session. A professional portrait artist will take you on a guided tour of your images, helping you throughout the selection process. They are experts in helping you get it down to the best selections while answering any questions you might have.

Why do you recommend showing up 10 minutes early to my session?

Showing up 10 minutes early allows you complete any paperwork, organize your clothing or any last-minute details without cutting into your photo session. 

What if I only want the yearbook picture?

The Yearbook Only session gives you all the needs for your school’s yearbook.

Why do I have  to pay for my session upfront?

By paying for your session when you schedule your appointment, you will be given a priority session time and photographer will be assigned to your session. Studio Credits are only given when you prepay for your session.

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